Tuesday, January 20, 2015

BR 2-18: Five children and it

I will introduce this book.

Five children found a fairy. He said he could come true what they want to do. They were very happy, but they always had trouble because if they want to be beautiful, they got beautiful face, but their family did not find them. 

finally, eldest daughter hoped she meet a fairy. He visited her, and she was happy.

This is very wandering, but it is little long. However, you can easily read this book.

Nesbit Edith.(2008). Five children and it NY: Oxford  Book Worms
                                                                                              [ 79 words ]

Thursday, January 15, 2015

BR 2-17: The withered arm

I will introduce this book.

Mr. Lodge and Rhoda were husband and wife, but she gradually became old. Her appearance was not good. He found it, he had new wife. 

One day, his new wife had a bad dream, and her arm injured. After that, her arm became thin. She saw a doctor, but he did not find caution. She had trouble  and she was seen her arm by sarge. He had solve. 

I think women are so scare, but I can understand Rhoda. She was so poor. I think I don't do action which people don't like.

Thomas Hardy.(2004). The withered arm NY: Oxford  Book Worms
                                                                                                         [ 100 words ]

BR 2-16: Mutiny on the Bounty

I will introduce this book.

It was a cold day in December, 1787. Three men and a boy stood in the deck of the little ship, HMS Bounty. The boy Peyrr Heywiid, was fourteen years old. The man was Fletcher Christian. A sailor, John Adams, laughed. They saw the captain, William Blight. He was very strict man. Every one did not like him. He was always angry to everyone.

The Bounty went to Tahiti in order to carry breadfruit to Jamaican.

They arrived at Tahiti. They were felt good because it was warm, and they could relax. However, their captain was very strict. 

They went back to England on their way, Christain did munity. He and someone rubbed the ship from captain, they went back to Tahiti.

Blight went back to England. However, Chistain went back to England.

If you read this book, you are able to know about England of history. It was so interested in England of history. I want to know about it. [ 166 words ]
Tim Vicary.(2000). Mutiny on the bounty NY: Oxford  Book Worms

BR 2-15: Death in the Freezer

I will introduce this book.

Main character is Ellen. She didn't like her young brother because her parents always loved him. Before her brother was born, she was so loved by her parents. However, he was born, her condition changed. when she was a child, she always played with a man of doll.

After that, her mother died. Her father always drunk alcohol. She was liked a lot of men, but her father didn't like getting with them. One day, she took Jhon who was her boyfriend and he was 20 years old, and big and strong like Arnold schwarzenegger. to her house. Her father was so angry, and her father frighted him, but her father was loser. He wanted to win him, that's why he did training everyday. However, he became angina.

She worked at nurse, but John didn't work, and they had three children. On the other hands, Al who was her brother was very popular musician. He decided to employ his old sister.

 One day, he told Ellen he traveled all over the world. After that, he came back his house with two people. They are husband and wife. He and they founded firm. One day, Ellen looked for Al, but she couldn't him. She went to basement, she found her brother, but he was freeze. A couple told her he was ill, and we made him get back after 20 years. However, she killed him, and she was in prison.

It was so interesting story.  If you are interesting this book, I recommend it.

                                                                                                        [ 263 words]

Tim Vicary.(2008). Death in the Freezer NY: Oxford  Book Worms

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

BR 2-14: Pocahontas

I will introduce this book. This book is love story, and it made me sad. 

In 1607, three ships left England and sailed to America. There were a hundred and fifty men on the ships, and they wanted to find a new world in the west a home in a new and exciting country. They finally arrived at Virginia. 

Algonquin Indians of Virginia were not happy. Someone said they should fight Englandmen. Someone these men were interesting.

John Smith was an Englandman. He was very excited for finding food for Christmas. Also, he liked beautiful nature in Virginia. John and his friends went to forest, but they were caught Algonquin. John was made to take King of the Algonquin, and he met Pocahontas who was daughter of king. They fall in love each other. 

After that, he was helped by her, and she sometimes leaned English from him

One day, one Algonquinquin was killed by white men. Englandmen and Algonquin killed each other. 

Pocahontas finally decided to live in Virginia without him. 

It is very sad story. If you want to readtrue love, I recommend you. 
[ 186 words ]

Tim Vicary.(2000). Pocahontas NY: Oxford  Book Worms

BR 2-13: The President Murderer

I will introduce this book. This book is very sliling. I couldn't expect end of story.

Adam ran faster because he escaped from policemen. He was very tired, hungry, and dirty. He wanted to sleep, eat  a lot of foods, and take a bath. He found a tall tree and went up it. He could not see the ground now. He half-sat, half-stood in the tree, and listened. Nothing.
The man put his head down on his arms, and slept.

The inspector reported his chief that they lost him. The inspector said he had to catch the murder soon.

The inspector was Felix, and he was thirty- three years old. That was young for an inspector, but he was a good policeman. He liked his job, and worked long hours, but he was sometimes afraid of Eva Hine, the Chief of Police. 

Adam was helped a lot of people. For example, old woman gave a lot of foods, a bed, clothes, and a little money. Also, one shop keeper told him way which he could escape not to find police. What's more, lorry's driver took him to his house, and he gave the muder sandwiches. Finally, he arrived at his house, and he saw his wife. He said he is not muder. He did not kill president. 

He got out of his house, he was killed by police. Felix told his chief that she was pleased. He asked her Adam was muder,  right. She said yes with cold eye. However, he felt she told a lie. He decided to study again. 

It was really sliling story. I like this book. If you want to be sliling,I recommend this book.
[ 285 words ]


Bassett Jennifer.(1991). The President's Murderere NY: Oxford  Book Worms

Sunday, January 4, 2015

BR 2-12: The Piano Man

I will introduce this book. This book is very interesting for me.

One day, Linda Joned and her daughter found a man. His close were all wet. It was sunny day, but so cold-not weather for swimming. He was trying to walk, but he couldn't do that. They walked down the beach to the sea. The man didn't get up, he stayed lying in the water. Linda stood by the sea and looked at him. He was a tall young man, about twenty- five years old, with long dark hair. His clothes were wet, and he looked cold. His face was very white, but there was a dark red mark over his left eye. Linda spoke to hom, but he didn't talk. She asked for an ambulance. 

He was carried hospital. He didn't talk. Doctor tales him, but he didn't talk, so doctor couldn't know about him. 

Averie O'Brien was a nurse. She was very kind with these patient. She was so kind and friendly. She liked to sit with her patients or walk with them in the little girden. She talked to them all the time. Sometimes they answered, and sometimes they didn't. But that didn't matter to Avril. She just went on talking in her warm Irish voice. 

One day, doctor asked for her to know about him. She spoked to him, but he didn't talk her. 

The following day, a woman visited him. She was a interpreter, and she spoked to him in polish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Serbian. But he couldn't understand. However, she found his clothe was made in Rossia.  

Averil made him drow her. It was good.Also, he drow a piano. She took him to place which was a piano. She wanted him to play the piano. But he didn't play the piano. He pressed the same key with same finger. He played the note again, and again, and again- more and more quickly, louder and louder and louder.

After that day, Avril took him to same place. He asked him to play the music again. He played the piano. It was very beautiful musick. However, he started to cry. 

After that day, she wanted to tell about him to doctor, but he was busy because new patient was carried in the hospital. New patient was very beautiful girl. She could a little understand English, and she was an Russian. 

She was carried by Ivan who was her fiancé. She dropped his boat. However, he was no good a man. 

She walked in hospital, she listened to piano. She went to piano, she met the man. They hold each other. They were Russian. They loved each other. 

In the ship, they enjoy tripping, but Ivan awaked that, he went to them, and Ivan injured the man, and he dropped in the sea. 

It is very interesting, but it a little long. I recommend this book. 

Vicary Tim (2013) The Piano Man NY: Oxford  Book Worms [ 504 words ]